National TOp Winners
Registrations for NEST-JUNIOR-2015 for students of class X, XI & XII (Science) are open now. CLICK HERE to know more or APPLY NOW.
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The S. U. FOUNDATION OF INDIA (S.U.F.I.) is an autonomous, self-funded and Non-Governmental Organisation engaged in works of serious concern about social, economic and educational welfare of individuals and groups with the help and co-operation of some very dedicated, educated and very serious and sincere people of the country. S.U.F.I. is also chief sponsor of N.E.S.T.
SEMCI (India) is a flag-bearer of the S. U. Foundation of India with a mission to do business with the basic principles of ethics and values with a social responsibility. SEMCI started with the business of organising events of all kinds in general, but with special focus on social and educational events. We have specialised in conducting diagnostic/projection tests for screening candidates to standardise the selection process for business organisations and educational institutions. Recently, thus, SEMCI took up a project, viz. Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (N.E.S.T.) for degree engineering students of all colleges and universities in India. So far, we have already done five rounds of these tests at various locations. The response from students from all over India was exhilarating.
NATIONWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP TEST (N.E.S.T.) is a co-operative and collaborative effort to help out students who have commitment and determination and who display signs of excellence in their studies. With NEST initiative, it is tried to allow the exceptionally gifted and promising students to pursue their studies tension-free and without the worries of financial constraints. However, to achieve their goal, they need to undergo the standard test of NEST every year. Thus, if they perform to a certain level of excellence in the NEST, they are not only accorded with accolades and recognition by awarding them Appreciation Certificates by the hands of a renowned person of knowledge, art or enterprise, but they are also given Cash Awards of substantial amount. The main purpose of NEST is to inspire, encourage, help and guide students to perform better in their academics.
NEST has evolved and improvised in the last few years. We are putting our best efforts to achieve increased awareness of this scheme of scholarships among all students throughout the country. Though, due to currently limited resources, SEMCI can take NEST to only a few major cities this year, viz. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and other State Capitals of the country as mentioned in our advertisements. But, it has ambitious plans to reach out to all big and small cities and towns of India to benefit the entire community of students at all levels of education and in all disciplines of all colleges, institutes and universities of the country very soon in the near future.
SPONSORSHIPS are sought from business firms, NGOs, trusts and other organisations and individuals to promote this noble mission by advertising their brands and products through our publicity tools like, posters, banners, website, e-mails and all other print material passing to students all over India. Sponsors get their names, logos and URLs appear in all our publicity materials as well as on our website. The bookings for NEST start from as early as in June every year, wherein the early birds get some extra benefits.
An APPEAL is, therefore, made to all interested parties and individuals to take a big leap forward in the very straight and right direction. They are requested to come forward for this noble cause and advertise through our efforts to get the double whammy - advertisement of their product/brand as well as a yeoman service with a serious concern for education of the deserving students.

What is this world?
This world is a cherry for man now.
He can do many big things in this small world.
His instinctive ambition is to be on top of this world.
So, he is always in the race; so that he does not lag behind.
The strongest man maintains his strength to keep his supremacy.
Yet, some others work harder to beat the best to be the best themselves.
There is, thus, a constant struggle to survive and have an edge over all others.
Therefore, it is wise to be always prepared by continuous hard work to excel in the world.
Finally, we must also learn how to be better together – as a team – and be on top of this world!!!